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2019's Last Photo Walk

15 December turned out to be the last opportunity for local (& visiting) photographers, both professional and amateurs, to meet and explore the town, at least for the members of Bangkok Photographers group.

Meeting at Phloenchit's BTS station 90+(!) photographers shortly afterwards went downstairs and started walking along the footpath.

Some of Phloenchit's buildings are very futuristic and eye-catching.

If you look around a bit carefully it's possible to shoot from odd angles and come up with some halfway decent results.

Our journey had just begun...

Equipment intrigues me as well at times.

Or just names...

And these things too!

Mirrors too I like to use a lot.

Nasty looking spikes but whether they're effective..., dubious!

Photographers on the prowl in Soi Ton Son.

Still quite a few serious looking trees there!

And ongoing construction, lots of it....

Oddly shaped buildings.

I spy with my eye...

Thai trucks usually have lots of rearview mirrors...

What purpose they serve? Who knows...

Spirit houses and their inhabitants...

Motorcycle taxis stand underneath the start of the elevated walkway near Lumphini Park.

Nice wood patina effect.

They didn't grow out of the concrete, but it certainly looked like it!

Very nasty wall ornaments...

Congratulations???? Strange Thai spelling, but interesting effect.

I think, therefore I am...?

Another motocy dude.

This kid almost crashed into me...

Photographers on the move.

Cute wind-chime.

Looking at the kitchen.

Busy cook.

Khao Laam seller.

A kind of posed photo, but still....

A very Thai smile!

The area around the Polo Club is predominantly moslim.

Despite the Leo picture no beer on sale!

A friendly local who happily posed for another photographer.

Seeing rooms like these I suddenly don't feel so bad about my own messy table anymore.

Interesting combination.

Most locals were happily posing.

I'm sure this young girl wasn't drinking from that bottle!

Checking his mobile.

Same same.

A very bright yellow garbage container...

Food seller and customer.

Mom and pops store.

Viewed from the elevated walkway:

Shacks above a dubious looking khlong behind the Thai Tobacco Monopoly.

Rising above the tree tops.

Somehow this palm tree doesn't fall into that khlong...

Spotted on a roof of a row of wooden houses near the Thai Tobacco Monopoly.

Almost back at Sukhumvit I encountered the door to Hell?!

Not really a selfie?

The official overview of this trip can be seen here:

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