A Hazy Shade of Winter

Winter has officially started, the temperature dipped a few times even below zero.

But overall the weather stays mild and nature reacts accordingly.

Normally in this time most plants give up and decide to return in spring, but there are lots of exceptions such as this one.

Others too seem to ignore this season.

Most of the trees however follow their old routine: leaves change colour and eventually fall off.

These pictures give some examples of nature's present state.

These look like insect wings...

Not sure if a spider had been messing around that one.

Alien seed pods...

Note the insect passenger on top!

Utterly confused, once the winter really gets going these flower buds won't survive I guess.

Nicely disintegrating.

Those thorns are nasty!

My brother did some trimming...

Classic seasonal seeds.

Daddy Longlegs...

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