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A Walk In The Park

Earlier this month I had an opportunity to revisit Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi.

Thailand's 12th National Park was founded in 1975 and is very popular among local tourists as well.

I was looking forward to this as Erawan is one of my favorite parks, not that difficult to hike up to the 7th tier, and plenty to see.

Although the last time (pre-Covid) I was there, the sight of a large group of half-naked foreigners with boomboxes was quite shocking...

For me, the sights, sounds, and (sometimes) smells of the jungle and its inhabitants remain fascinating.

Twisted roots, crystal clear water, massive trees, weird insects, etc. can all be found here and this time I was not disappointed either.

The above looks great but I guess the tree itself is less pleased about those parasitic vines...

Something new, all visitors who want to go swimming must hire a life jacket...

Close, but no cigar! A for effort though...

Erawan waterfalls consist of 7 major tiers and a few smaller tiers of which most offer decent water fun.

Twistin' & turnin'...

Lots and lots of seeds.

Although I heard plenty of sounds I only spotted a few insects like the above.

This looks all very nice but during heavy rains, it will be a very different story!

These vines resemble a rope ladder, but I never tried them out.

Trees here reach enormous heights.

Some trees are 'holy' and therefore highly respected.

Those curly vines go in every direction!

The rock slide is very popular.

The main pool near the beginning is probably best for swimming.

And lots of fish like to nibble on your feet!

Some areas have loads of bamboo.

The 7th tier is a 1.5 km hike up up up.

I didn't really feel like a conqueror ;-)


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