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Amsterdam with a Difference

Last week I finally made up my mind and decided to go to Amsterdam for a day, just to see the impact of the corona measures...

I took a more than half empty bus to Hilversum and from there continue by (similarly empty) train to Amsterdam Central Station...

In front of Central Station construction is ongoing as usual.

The old Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis) without any admirers...

I'd never seen the Kalverstraat that deserted before!

Kalverstraat skyline.

The Munt clock tower and 1 cyclist.


Near Rembrandt Plein.

Unusual front door decoration, also note the different letter types use for the house numbers, Keizersgracht.

View from Vijzelstraat, more bicycles than people...


Sewer covers, actually I really liked that 'dwr' (*) design!

Hortus Brug (bridge), artistic metal 'fence'.

Muiderstraat; tiny (but impressive) memorial, in memory of the original Jewish house owners who were deported during WW2 and murdered at Auschwitz...

Plantage laan area with grassy tram tracks.

Classic bridge near Kadijksplein.

Windmill De Gooyer, plus beer brewery/cafe 't IJ.

Lots of bicycles get stolen daily in Amsterdam, but not this one!

Old commercial mural, Weesperzijde / Blasiusstraat.

Playground, Ceintuurbaan.

Ceintuurbaan, unusual roof ornament!

Unusual traffic sign at Ceintuurbaan!

Ooster Park.

This futuristic looking front houses the CT Coffee & Coconuts!

Gerard Terborgstraat, most of the buildings here were covered in green...

Beautifully designed door front, Reijnier Vinkeleskade.

Stylish bird ornament.

Old style letterbox, De Lairessestraat.

The Lomanstraat has become popular because of its 'platanen' (sycamore trees?)!

Why they have grown like this is unknown to me (**), but the results are pretty photogenic!

Another old mural, Hendrik Jacobszstraat.

Back to the future, near Amsterdam Zuid railway station.

View from Amsterdam Zuid railway station platform while waiting for the train.

And there was my train!

Public transport in Netherlands is not cheap!

Altogether I walked around 15 km through the city and thoroughly enjoyed it!

(*) Dienst Waterbeheer en Riolering

(**) According to my sister it's because those trees grow towards where they can catch the most sunlight!

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