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Ancient Machinery

Many years ago during my Koh Kret visits I'd noticed a tall chimney sticking out from the surrounding palm trees, but in those days it was difficult to get close as the adjacent ramshackle buildings were locked up.

Even more intriguing was a tree growing out of that chimney!

A few years ago things had changed, the top of the chimney was broken, apparently the tree's roots were getting too much...

Biggest change however was a brand new restaurant / coffee shop / home-stay at its premises!

Even better is the center; a 100 year old rice mill!

For a photographer it's a great place to shoot.

Eroded nuts and bolts, cog wheels and more...

Occasional plants weaving their way in between...

About to be 'fused' together...

Orange brown rust is a wonderful colour.

The rice mill is protected by a roof from too much further erosion!

Most of the wooden parts are still in reasonable condition.

What's left of the equipment is a fascinating sight.

Slowly but steadily nature is taking over....

Some parts seem to be on the edge of disintegration...

Layers of dust transform everything into ........

Safety First indeed!

Mouldy greens anyone?!

And my interpretation...

Afterwards I had a (well deserved?) coffee and cake ;-)

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