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Art In Pahurat/Chinatown

As promised I’d work on an additional post on Ong Ang, showcasing the new street art.

This is all part of the gentrification project (*) started by Bangkok’s present governor and the BMA with the help of some private companies, aiming to develop this part of Pahurat/Chinatown into a ‘new landmark for tourism and leisure’.

Tricky as the borderline between gentrification and Disneyfication can be very thin indeed.

However on the whole I have a more positive feel about the Ong Ang project.

Granted, real street art is usually a continuing battle between both professionals and amateur artists such as can be seen along parts of Khlong Saen Saeb and the Chalermla Graffiti Park (**), in which the scene changes often as pieces get sprayed over within days.

For Ong Ang more established artists were used, such as Alex Face, Bigdel, Pakorn & Asin, Bonus Tmc, Mauy & MSV, Alaii, Joker EB and other artists from Happening group.

Parts resemble a graphic history of the area’s past more than anything else, but I’m happy with the overall effect.

Have a look at my pics and decide for yourself.

A close-up of Alex Face's piece.

Blast From The Past

I visited this area late 2018 when it was still a kind of a wasteland.

Work was in progress but it was very difficult to see where that was going to lead to.

Lots of local street artists however had made good use of the walls as you can see here.

My 2018 photos here give a good impression of unorganized ‘real’ street art vs the 2021 commercial version.

What do you prefer?!



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