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Last week I heard a story about one of the largest flea markets in Amsterdam which not surprisingly intrigued me a lot.

This massive market is on the grounds of the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam-Noord and as I discovered part of the attraction is the huge amount of street art!

Yesterday morning my brother and I drove to Amsterdam and after several detours (road construction...) arrived at the IJ Hallen.

Both of us were quite impressed by the huge amount of wall murals, some of it excellent stuff.

Most of the walls and containers were covered in paint, all legal too!

Plenty of calligraphy of course.

Supposedly more that 700 stalls, but not early in the morning which was fine with us, made it much easier to walk around and browse a bit.

The entrance gate to the parking lot is made of containers!

This massive crane is no longer in use but still eye-catching.

More clothes than books, but these old children books brought back some memories...

Loads of different street artists' works can be found here.

Here's a piece by Geel Wijf.

This one is by Dotsy.

Catwoman by Suusnr1.

2 very different pieces...

Another crane remnant.

My brother looking for potential 'treasures'...

I saw several pieces by this artist Florentski, great stuff.

Neat group of aliens!

A wild skeleton by StenandOli.

2 small pieces by the same artist.

The old crane towers above everything...

Various works.

A bit further out I found this stunning old sailing boat.

Great use of this old mannequin.

Taking a break from all the shopping I guess...

Kids taking advantage of the water.

My brother took this one.

Littering wasn't too bad, but still...

Another piece by Geel Wijf.

Love that crane!

Another Suusnr1.

A very druggy piece by Mr Joe Johnson!

Besides the 2 main characters (incl. The Undertaker..., guess which one?!), there are 3 other smaller creepy things!

This puts everything in perspective!

KInd of Alice inWonderland on acid...

It took me a moment to realize that these 2 are 'updated' versions of Jip & Janneke, a kids duo from a distant past....

All the stickers create something weird as well.

The weather wasn't too hot that day.

Amsterdam style mural.

A small harmonium on sale, something you don't see that often.

No Dutch fair can be without a 'poffertjes' (mini pancakes) stand, delicious!

Container art.

Massive piece spray-painted across 2 containers!

4 containers...

Excellent wall art.

More huge container work.

The amount of cool stuff is just amazing.

A small piece by Bisser.

A massive Anne Frank mural by Eduardo Kobra, strangely enough the 2016 original looks a bit different:

Another kind of art!

And to finish it off, another piece by Dotsy!


Some of the artists:

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