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Autumn is here

It's that time of the year again, better prepare yourself for gloomy days...

Having said that there is still plenty to admire nature wise.

Such as oak leaves and acorns in a rain puddle.

I enjoy working with natural reflections.

Whether on the footpath or along the road.

As kids we used to play with these sycamore seeds, throw them in the air and watch them 'helicopter' down...

This one crashed already...

Lots of trees have started seeding now.

Partly out of focus but still good enough.

From a beech tree, but the nuts are missing.

Found them somewhere else!

Tree bark can be amazingly intriguing.

Here's the whole birch tree.

We have chestnuts in Netherlands too.

They remind me a bit of Thailand as they look a little like rambutans on the outside.

Bright red seeds, not edible...

Love those yellows and greens.

Amber tree, also with rambutan like seeds.

Rotting leaves...

Despite all the neat photo opportunities this is not really my favorite season...

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