Autumn Weather

The days here in the Netherlands are getting shorter and the weather gloomier...

Not really my favorite season, but occasionally nature makes up for it, with a bit of sunshine you get some fantastic colors of all the fallen leaves.

But also the mushrooms are suddenly popping up everywhere.

Colorwise perhaps not that impressive, but its 'structure' is a whole different cup of tea!

Fungi too are making an appearance.

I doubt of any of these are edible...

They start tiny but can end up quite large.

This is a weird one, looks somehow inside out!

Like a family...

Some are very delicate.

But fungi like these are very hard.

They can act like fallen leaves collectors...

A different kind altogether.

Fallen trees are perfect for them.

They don't mind growing close together I guess.

Classic autumn pic!

Clustered around the corner of a stone.

Looks a bit like a village, only the Smurfs are missing!

The Three Mushroomteers...

Along the footpath...

Another cluster.

Artist impression.

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