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Ayutthaya on 3 Wheels

Thailand's tuk-tuk vehicles are well-known, but the ones in Ayutthaya (*) look quite different.

The driver is sitting in a 'proper' cabin and there's more space for passengers in the back, who sit facing each other, similar to the larger 'songtaews'.

This version is called by the locals: Tuk Tuk Hua Kop, or frog head tuk-tuk.

Most of these 3 wheeled frog-faced taxis are privately owned, unlike Bangkok where drivers usually rent them.

They come in all colors and in some cases are nicely spruced up!

Up to 6 people can sit in the back quite comfortably.

You can see them cruising up and down the streets everywhere in Ayutthaya as they're used by both locals and tourists a lot.

Luggage can be stored on the roof as well.

Of course they're used for advertising too.

Most are kept in pretty good condition.

The interior, of course with some Buddha amulets and garlands for protection and good luck!

Out of the way!

Very colorful indeed.

One of the older specimens...

This one looks really cool.

Not the yellow submarine...

Some tour companies have their own tuks.

A Red Bull (Krating Deang) tuk.

A real temple tuk-tuk!

Not sure if this 1997 classic is still around.


All these photos were taken by me during various visits over the years, none recent...

A good reason to revisit Ayutthaya this year I guess ;-)

However why this particular version is used mainly here and not elsewhere remains unclear.

If anyone has an idea, please let me know.

(*) Only in Trang (South Thailand) they use similar frog-faced tuk-tuks.

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