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Ayutthaya Revisited

Last week Mike and I ended up in Ayutthaya by train as I wanted to do some countryside cycling.

First sight upon leaving Ayutthaya Railway Station, I have to admit that those frog-nosed tuk-tuks really appeal to me.

From the railway station, we walked over to a bike rental shop, got two bicycles, and had a good laugh about the snatch thief sign. Even so, there has to be a good reason for putting up such a warning!

Our first stop was at Wat Khudeedao.

Those pillars really make it stand out from other temple ruins...

Upside-down old wooden boat at Wat Dusidaram.

The temple had some cocks in the front.

No lack of river traffic.

Weathered railway crossing sign.

Our sturdy rented contraptions were not as bad as in the past as brakes and gear worked(!), but saddle height remains problematic for tall farangs like us... To make it worse, shortly after this photo Mike's bike got a flat tire and he had to return to the rental shop. This took considerable time as we were way out of town with no tuk-tuks or taxis to be seen...

I continued alone, we would later meet up again in town. Along the way I spotted these 2 elephants, nice to see them roam around 'freely' as elephant-riding is still very common here.

Typical upcountry view.

An abandoned Ganesha attempt?

Ayutthaya's version of Stargate is called the Portal of Time, apparently some tourists walked through and have never been seen again, oh well...

Not sure if this is a warning sign for drivers that cyclists are using this road as well?

Wat Lokaya Sutharam could do with a bit of a clean up perhaps?

Fluorescent-colored tuk-tuks!

Welcome to Ayutthaya Tuk-Tuk Joy.., maybe there's a connection with the ganja leaf?!

Classic Ayutthya sweet: roti sai mai (roti-wrapped candy floss)

And a final shot of a bit battered tuk-tuk...

My cycling route, after which we returned our bikes at the shop and had a few refreshing drinks...

Ayutthaya Railway Station is a beauty!

It has tiled platforms!

Here comes the train again.

Mike relaxing with an official.

An unusual SRT train.

Narrow indeed, we didn't take this one back to Bangkok!

Yes, it was HOT!


May 21, 2023

Marvellous! Thank you, Koen. I am inspired to go back there!


ray storey
ray storey
May 21, 2023

A fine report, KK. I have not been to Ayuttaya for many years.

May 21, 2023
Replying to

You do need to revisit it Ray!

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