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B-Road Cycling

Getting up around dawn isn’t always easy, but usually rewarding as the temperature is relatively cool and makes cycling highly enjoyable.

This morning too I climbed on my faithful bike - after lubricating my inner system with a coffee - and hit the (B) roads.

At first on autopilot but after a few minutes I’m beginning to enjoy it and slowly become aware of my surroundings.

It’s typical daily life upcountry, monks doing their rounds, parents bringing their kids to school, motocy taxis delivering clients to the main road, etc.

But occasionally I stop for taking a few pictures of anything that catches my eye.

I’m not much of a temple freak but today I stopped at Wat Phra Ngoen (about 100 years old) as the wooden ‘scripture library’ building looked attractive enough.

While I walked around a bit, temple dogs had a good sniff at my little bike, luckily nothing else happened!

Opposite the temple was Khlong Bang Sano and last month I’d seen elevated concrete paths along both sides, so this time I decided to give it a try.

Those paths can be tricky, apart from the fact that often they end up nowhere, they tend to be narrow, but at least this one had a fence on one side.

Local dogs weren’t too pleased to see me there either and - after reaching a dead end - barked even louder upon my return trip to the main road.

A local market selling students’ toys and snacks with a kids crossing was worth a stop as well.

Further along locals were watering their plants.

The last bridge I crossed is rather dubious as the metal is beginning to disintegrate, cars are not allowed to make use of it anymore!

17 kilometers later I was back home again, not bad for a Friday!

My helmet also turned out to be great protection against low hanging mangos…

Another cycling post from the past:

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