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Back in Chinatown Again

The title is a bit misleading as I often visit Chinatown anyway, there's always so much going on!

I took several shots of this guy carrying his (?) child, but this one seemed to be the best.

Classic old shop, but I always wonder how they can survive as their products seem to be limited and displayed in layers of dust...

Street vendor frying up a tasty omelet.

Standing in line for Gold shops, I've seen this a few times now...

The background of this closed shop covered in (rather ugly) graffiti and the products on sale make a nice contrast.

Springrolls and related deep fried snacks.

That's a very practical way of displaying your goods!

Heavy traffic incoming...

A vintage scooter that has seen better times.

Checking mobiles.

Folded cardboard boxes transport...

Old skool egg seller with an ancient wooden gate...

This house features some intriguing wood decorations, but it looks seriously deteriorated...

A row of old houses with a surviving tree...

Sausages and assorted meat thingies, not my cup of tea!

Overloaded kind of wheelbarrow...

Yellow wall and blue shutters!

Down in the alley...

These 2 should be in a museum!

Another classic shop interior.

Note the solar cells on top!

Now if they only would repaint that corner house...

Vintage jeep-like truck, although the cabin was full of junk, there were a lot of goods in the back, weird...

Tuk Tuk inspection.

A closer look at that row of houses.

This part of Chinatown has been under renovation for a long time and looks almost finished, guess it will open soon.

I don't know, somehow it looks too spruced up, I'm afraid it could become a classic example of Disneyfication?

Hopefully, I will be proven wrong!

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