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Back To Thailand Again

After 5 weeks in the Netherlands, it was high time to return to Thailand again.

On the first of November, the new Thailand Pass Registration website went 'live' and as expected there were several glitches...

No pdf documents uploads allowed, multiple documents upload failure (after uploading the 2nd, the 1st got deleted!) and a real cracker: when filling out your passport number you had to add space between numbers and letters! (*)

Even so, I got it all sorted out and teamed up with my old friend Corne (**) to travel back together.

The atmosphere at Schiphol Airport was quite lively, especially compared to my earlier experiences last January. (***)

More than a few travelers in the check-in at F9.

Almost crowded on board, but still nothing compared to the pre-Covid days...

Take-off was slightly delayed due to a few Dutch passengers who'd checked in but their documentation wasn't in order and their luggage had to be removed from the plane!

11 1/2 hour later arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

Here too, almost busy at the Thailand Pass Checkpoint.

But still nothing compared to pre-Covid...

At the Hotel Meeting Point, the bigger hotels have their own stand, but smaller ones just employ representatives.

It might have looked a bit chaotic, but it certainly wasn't like that at all.

After asking around a little we quickly found ours!

Accompanied by a female 'astronaut' we were taken to our minivan, max of 3 passengers per van!

Showing the receipt of my 1-night hotel Test & Go package booking. (****)

On the way to a covid test and the hotel, the driver was well protected...

The morning after I got a phone call from the reception: test results negative, I was free to check-out!


Despite some of the hiccups at first with the Thailand Pass Registration paperwork, the whole arrival procedure went very smoothly and fast!

(*) By now things probably will have improved!



(****) Although the authorities claim that the Test & Go removes the quarantine part, in a way it is still there...

But 1 night is definitely an improvement compared to the 14 in the past!

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