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Ban Mo

If you're into DIY and looking for electronic stuff and audio equipment, just go to the Ban Mo area, at least that's what one of my friends does.

The area started zillions of years ago with Vietnamese immigrants producing pottery and utensils, but - like everywhere else - has changed considerably over the years.

Its center probably was the Ban Moh Market, but besides the name there isn't much left of that.

Inside the market it looks rather desolate...

Most of the area is used as parking space.

Some stalls (Nuclear Subwoofer Audio anyone?!) are still operating.

Including food of course ;-)

Grimy roof....

The other side ends at an alley chock full of shops...

The name in Thai and Chinese.

Some of the other old buildings at the Ban Mo intersection.

Most of the houses along this part of Phahurat Road look pretty run down...

The corner building seems derelict which is a shame...

A closer look.

It certainly could use a new coat of paint!

The usual mess of wires...

Inside the alleys you can find most of the shops.

Incl. speakers and cats!

Buy a sound system or build your own!

This cat was more interested in something else...

Only after looking at my photos back home I noticed the other cat on the ground!

Thip Wari Alley

Very colourful!

From DVDs (not many though...) to solar cell panels, you can find almost anything here.

The entrance of Wat Dibaya Vari Vihara aka The Green Dragon Temple.

It's usually much busier but I took these photos relatively early in the morning.

Outside street corner workshop.

Food carts; 'look chin pla tod' and various drinks.

Working hard outside with just a fan under the table...

These older houses have received an 'upgrade'!

The beginning of this street.

This bloody mask has become part of my standard outfit nowadays, not positive at all.

As usual some art work...

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