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Bangkok Art Light Installations

Let’s awaken the creative district of Charoen Krung-Talad Noi once again – with light, colors, and sounds exhibition, together:

29 Mar ’22 – 3 Apr ’22

Usually, I'm pretty cynical about art festivals like these, but for once I decided to give it a try, having an old friend joining with a Thai relative certainly helped ;-)

We met up at Jack's, had a few drinks, and hit the road, in this case, Charoen Krung.

This was the first one we visited, quite cool actually.

Official blurb: Right here, where you’re standing, is R.den, a land where creativity knows no limits.

Next was a kind of night market in front of the old GPO.

Official blurb: Everyone craves an escape from daily boredom, and seeks excitement and spiritual healing by getting drunk on life, traveling the world or even doing good deeds for others.

The continuously changing colors gave some neat effects.

I guess they were feeling a bit blue...

The staircase from another viewpoint.

For the first time ever I ended up on top of the GPO, great views!

This one brought back a lot of memories, I used to have a Fleischmann model train set as a kid...

Official blurb: Hosted by Open Space at TCDC, this exhibition will allow creative spirits to showcase their cool art in many forms. Visitors can also hop on a virtual train to embark on a fun journey.

Not part of this event, but Icon Siam on the other side of the river certainly lighted up the night!

At Bangrak Riverview, there were various installations such as the title photo and the one above.

Official blurb: A flick of the light switch can instantly brighten up a whole room, but that’s not the case with a fluorescent lamp, which has to flicker for a few seconds before it goes into full-blown brightness—a symbol for life, which sees some missteps before better days come.

Lots of stuff going on at Warehouse 30!

Official blurb: Here stands a portal, where you can step in and teleport to a future in which Charoenkrung is once again flourishing.

It was a nice surprise to see her give it a try as well!

Shadow and light can be magical.

Spot on.

At times I'd entered some areas from the back I think...

Another first time, walking around in the garden of the Portuguese Embassy.

Official blurb: After the sun goes down, the tree of lights grows tall and shines brightly as its shadow sways along with the blowing wind. Come and sit down, and wait and see what pops up in your mind.

Official blurb: For 30 seconds and with a flick of a switch, you are transported to a fleeting moment of bright lights, lively music and disco-tastic fun.

The Cycle Lantern at the Royal Orchid Sheraton was pretty cool.

Official blurb: Each passing moment of our lives is portrayed as a beautiful moving pattern on these traditional Lanna lanterns, which also reflect how we will never stop going forward as long as we live.

This really needed a video clip I thought.

Official blurb: The familiar phone booth in Superman is reimagined as a portal where you can discover the longitude and latitude of your next favorite restaurant.

There were a few of these 'cats' around, but they're not mentioned anywhere in the program, strange...

Not part of anything, just locals enjoying the evening outside with food and drinks.

At Rong Kuak Shrine it was busy too.

Official blurb: Silence isn’t always the solution for those seeking inner peace. Just think of how Buddhists believe that the thumping echoes of metal bells in the temple can evoke a feeling of peace.

At So Heng Tai Mansion visitors had to pay a small entrance fee, but it was well worth I thought.

Great setting!

Official blurb: In this magical garden, illuminated spheres float around and exude endless positive energy, infecting those who step in.

Not sure about the positive energy, but she liked it!

You had to be careful where you walked though!

At the old car wreck which I shot in the past several times...

Official blurb: May 2022 be the year that allows you to have the best fun and be who you really want to be. Kick off a year of new beginnings by finding out where your imagination can take you at this landmark in Talad Noi.

Not sure what she was saying...

Official blurb: Your opinion is like a flickering light that helps illuminate the whole city. A Light to Speak enables you to speak into a horn and use your own voice to ignite a spark.

Here is the full list:

Obviously, we'd missed a few, but that didn't bother us, we had a great time.

Photo of yours truly dancing the night away: Ross

Official blurb: While savoring delicious food and drinks, humans suddenly lose their ability to communicate. But we can still express our feelings and interact via our body language.

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