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Bangkok Group Photographers Walk 107 /3

For my final Bang Khae photo post I decided to present a few pics from different categories.

At first I thought of using 'Odds & Sods' as a title, but that looked confusing when only using capitals...

So the first few are of plants in urban surroundings.

I find it fascinating to see how Nature finds a way through or around our constructions.

Whether made of wood...

Or concrete!

The temple offered lots of opportunies.

With classic old statues...

And over-the-top new ones!

Sometimes plain shots really work well I think.

Lots of houses along the khlongs of course.

Both old and new.

Some in urgent need of repair...

Or a decent architect!

The change from those to spirit houses is a small one.

Whenever I see a spirit house I usually stop for a closer look.

Always curious about their 'inhabitants'.

Whether the houses are made of stone or wood is irrelevant.

Next are a bunch of real 'bits and pieces', such as this rusty chain.

A bamboo roof detail.

Bodybuilders on corrugated backgrounds...

Or even simple clothes pegs!

Some portraits were taken along the footpath market of Phetkasem Road, all a bit reddish due to the plastic roofing...

Note that I haven't fiddled around with these pics, only some cropping, and a frame.

So many people dropping by and taking pics, funny indeed.

A lot of locals would be lost without the 'motocy' taxis!

Some more objects to finish it off.

Just a statue, but seen from this angle it becomes a bit more...

Wooden fence in dire straits...

And this creepy doll is the end!

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