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Bangkok Outside In

Back in Nonthaburi / Bangkok slowly but steadily getting back in my groove again which involves cycling, walking, bussing and wandering about in general.

Here are some of my recent pics.

Returning home (part of the way at least) in an orange minibus nr. 2, I managed to be seated up front on the engine cover which gave me this view...

This one I gave a miss, just too crowded, but I couldn't help noticing the old lady happily busy on her mobile phone.

And since we're on the subject of mobile phones, not sure how comfortable this position is, but I've seen it a few times.

While walking around the old Thai Tobacco Monopoly we found several old 'Mercedes' trucks in use, the driver's seat looks very, very uncomfortable...

Driver's view, I guess the rope holds the rearview mirror together somehow...

All in all it's a pretty banged up relic!

Michelin dolls are popular truck and bus decorations nowadays, the latest version is masked though ones wearing cowboy heads can be seen as well!

Tour buses are often painted in lurid colors depicting comic characters, monsters, super heroes and more! Note the (unmasked) Michelin puppet hanging on the side...

From the Siam Square BTS Station you can have good views of the area such as this deserted back alley on busy Siam Square.

Some bus stops feature these little cubicles which are supposed to be used by bus company's staff, not monks.

Ending the day with a visit of Adhere Blues Cafe is usually good fun and this was no exception!

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