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Bangkok Photographers Group - #112 Bang Phlat

Earlier this month the group met in Thonburi for another walk and as usual the further we walked photographers ended up all over Bang Phlat, which is part of the fun.

No lack of friendly locals!

Payment time.

I guess the local birds didn't approve of this candidate...

Standard head protection here, not a terrorist!

Some school street art...

It's hard to escape from Hello Kitty in Bangkok!

Weed & KISS is quite a combination!

Many locals are still wearing face masks, no matter where they are...

Yo dude, what's up?!

I always end up shooting some reflections.

Dog transport.

She needs to practice more on the correct finger position!

One of those blue containers used for storing ice...

The frame maker in action.

Old & New... And the new part looks pretty battered as well!

The lady liked the result of this when I showed her it on my mobile.

Just a wall, but my first thought was that it looked like cancer...


The best of friends?

I like the combination of the gold-colored statue and the green background.

The group has posted the results of all photographers here:

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