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Bangkok Photographers Group: Pratunam

Earlier this month I joined 79 photographers for a special walk through the alleys and lanes of Pratunam all the way to the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre.

Armed with all kinds of equipment, from bazooka-like weapons of mass photography to mobile phones, we crawled through neighborhoods, slums, shopping areas, across a railroad track, and more.

I really liked the greens here.

Baiyoke Tower in the distance.

Some massive pigs were lazing around.

Most of these now look like remnants from a distant past, but I vividly recall the pre-mobile time when I depended on these things!

Pikachu hanging out to dry.

I just liked the juxtaposition of the rubber hose and the corroded background.

Part of the railway track that runs from Klong Toey to Makkasan.

The former King with some religious imagery.

A spirit house with a difference!

This lady was very popular, probably all of us took photos of her.

Nah, that one wouldn't fit in those slippers...

Fried chilies anyone?

Here comes that train!

A lucky shot taken while standing on a nearby wall.

The train has passed and the traffic starts right away.

Classic old railway station.

I loved her outfit!

There is the Baiyoke Tower again, doing a Pisa imitation...

I love my vagatables!

The lady told me his name: Garfield!

Those cables...

And some more...

Baiyoke once more.

Incredibly colorful T-shirts.

How can you spell twenty-four correctly in the drawing and still screw it up in a sentence?! Despite the garbled English, the message is clear I guess ;-)

Cool Planet really? Somehow this shows clearly why our planet is so messed up by us...

Waiting patiently for customers...

A rather surreal hotel lobby interior.

The local mailman won't have any problems forgetting number 11!

Perhaps a lucky number for the lottery?!

Old skool broom and highrises.

It would be great to see the greenery continue all the way to the top...

Business must have been slow that day.

Valuable brooms!

A (kind of) selfie...

A gritty composition!

Despite the building looking rather decrepit, people live there and do their laundry.

This lady works hard and can often be found here sewing beside the road.

This contraption near Siam Square I'd never seen before and am not sure about its purpose...

At the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre.

Here's the official #100 Pratunam Photo Walk February 13, 2022:

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