Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 102 Wang Mai - Rong Muang

On May 8 we met at the National Stadium and started off with 40+ photographers!

Despite the relatively large group size these walks are enjoyable as everybody does it at her/his own pace.

For most part we wandered around with only a few other photographers.

In fact the last part, from the Centennial Park to Rama 4 Road, we didn't see anyone else!

But as the end destination was quiet clear (coffee shop opposite Hualamphong), that didn't matter much.

As usual I shot a mix of people, nature, and objects.

Other photographers noticed this smile as well.

Fun, this brought back some memories, I vaguely remember having a similar 'movie' toy.

Tuk driver taking a break.

No idea what this is, but it looked kind of cool.

The canon-ball flower, always fascinating!

A much abused tuk-tuk, used for bags of ice transport.

The tuk's cabine...

Corner street scene.

Lottery ticket seller in hiding.

Hard working sweat shop lady.

I still want one of these for my bicycle!

These 2 guys were very busy handling huge blocks of ice without gloves!

I consider these my best shots of the walk.


Chilly job for sure!


A messy spirit house.

Door handles with a difference.

Corner wires & cables...

I noticed the 2 badminton rackets much later!

Odd combination.

Old wall-posters like these become almost abstract.

Street photography!

Here is the official group's magazine where you can see much more work from all participating photographers:

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