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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 106: People

This time the walk was at an unknown area for me: Charoen Krung / Rama III Road area.

Instead of posting a selection of my pics in the order I shot them I've divided them into PEOPLE & THINGS.

Kids, street sweepers, old ladies, street vendors, food sellers, etc., here they are!

Sometimes they're just part of a street scene.

Or very busy!

For close-up pics like these, I always ask permission which is usually given.

To be honest, I don't really like people posing for photos, but I usually shoot a few at a time and try to select the most relaxed one.

This lady was very pleased to have her photo taken.

He was rather sad looking...

A proud singing bird owner telling about his hobby.

Enjoy your meal!

The first of a bunch of food sellers.

This lady asked if I was going to blackmail her with my photos, uh.., no!

And a mirror selfie for the finale!

The complete overview of the group can be found here:

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