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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 106: Things

People were covered in the previous posts, here are the THINGS!

Things in the broadest sense as fish aren't really things of course.

That's one way to serve rice to street dogs!

This is a house number, just in case you were wondering.

Some of the house spirits get good stuff offered!

Corrugated sheets compositions...

Cats are animals, not things, I know! But I couldn't place them under PEOPLE either...

This one could be a centerfold for a girlie magazine...

Sneaky look into someone's kitchen.

Escaped from Jurassic Park?

A very creepy doll...

Continuing the mural on the bricks is impressive!

Reflection of the Tongtara Hotel.


The As Salafiyah Mosque.

Jack fruit.

Fascinating food combination!

These brooms keep coming back...

One of those stone benches...

The complete overview of the group can be found here:

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