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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 108/1

Last November the usual bunch of photographers (professional, amateur, old hand, & newbie) came together again.

This time we met near Saphan Taksin BTS Station and after a brief intro started walking, exploring, and shooting.

Something came tumbling down from that lock?

This looked very intriguing, but afterwards a little search on the internet came up with anything but... (*)

The old 'ghost tower' still looks pretty grim! (**)

A garland that is just hanging on...

Luckily I didn't see anything coming out!

A close-up of a gas cylinder!

Cool street-art with cat!

Perhaps a bit much to call this street-art, but something about it made me take this photo.

At a fish market

Very, very smelly!

Not to mention, slippery!

People who pose spontaneously are always welcome.

Sometimes the results are better than expected.

No 'prison break' here...

Hey meow, take it easy!

Surprisingly not that many flies at that fish market.

Go straight!

Playing with reflections as usual...

'Yes, that fish I caught was really big!'

Well used/abused plastic containers.

Zombie glove?

Ice delivery tuk tuk.

Any idea what this could be?!

I shot several photos of these stairs and wall from various angles, but this was the best one.

It also was selected for the cover of the official Bangkok Photographers Group Magazine:



To be continued!

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