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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk - #110 Talat Phlu

Quite a lot of members showed up for this walk and rightly so because there was a lot to see!

Such as this Jurassic train crossing warning!

Walking around graveyards isn't really my cup of tea, but this one was fascinating.

Things like the above sometimes strike me as worth shooting.

Oh well...

Bubbling water!

Metal vs Nature.

Good sale!

No (more) news today.

A very delicious pyramid of Thai sweets!

Classic Mom & Pops-style restaurant.

Who're you looking at, dude?!

Still life with Meow.

Breakfast time?

Using old lottery tickets for decoration.

Future predictions?

Well-camouflaged roof tiles.

Pressing gold leaf on a reclining Buddha.

Psycho chickens!

A flock of photographers admiring (& shooting) that yellow VW!

Their pix can be found here:

My previous walk pix are here:

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