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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk - #111 Panfa Leelard

Time for another photo walk and with more participants than usual I thought.

On the edge of the Mahakan Fort Park I spotted this sunbathing guy.

Not sure if she was trying to catch fish or not.

Friendly local looking very relaxed.

At the monk bowl place (Ban Bat)...

No lack of narrow alleys.

Both gate and flower look a bit past their prime...

Graffiti and shadow nicely balanced.

Car reflections sometimes work well.

Crude, but somehow quite powerful!

Classic old Chinese-style store.

Advertising remnant...

A local rasta?!

Leave me in peace, human!

I took a few pics of him, but this is the only unposed one.

Repeated scribbles over and over again...

Love the colors here.

2 friendly old ladies.

Masochist cat.

Islamic window display.

Reflection selfie...

A full overview of the group's pics can be found here:

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