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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 113 Sam Yot - Part 1

The meeting place for this walk was MRT Sam Yot Station, but despite being there countless times, I confused it with Sam Yan, and by the time I finally got off at the correct place, all photographers had already disappeared, not a good start!

The Chinese Lanterns Lane is a very popular photo opp.

To my surprise, I managed to catch up very quickly with the group.

Despite the occasional drizzle and a gloomy sky, there was plenty to see & shoot.

Chinatown boasts plenty of architecture from the 60-80s and beyond.

I shot a few buildings in the streets and alleys around Mega Plaza Saphan Lek.

No idea what kind of 'merry-making' products are being sold there...

A mobile vendor hurrying along Phahurat Road...

Who parked himself just in front of a 7-11!

Mobile checking.

The beginning of Sampeng Lane as viewed from the nearby footbridge.

Cute in a way.

This lady at Ong Ang Walking Street makes great cafe boran, I had an iced version of it which kicked me right in the guts!

A very friendly lady who was more than happy to pose for a few shots.

Clear advertising!

These 2 guys played backgammon pretty fast, impressive!

Part 2:

The Bangkok Photographers Group's result of this walk can be seen here:

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