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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 113 Sam Yot - Part 2

After Chinese Lantern Lane we continued to Wat Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan.

Besides the usual Buddhist statues and imagery, it's known for something else: crocodiles...

Here only a Buddha silhouette remains...

Upside-down croc shot!

Lottery tickets anyone? 'Tomorrow rich!'

Kind of piggy bank seller?

Special outfit for graduation ceremonies, but banknotes are optional though.

By now I seemed to have lost most of the group and continued on my own, not a problem as I have wandered through Chinatown many times over the years.

Classic traditional sustainable packaging!

Newspaper break.

Sloppy paintjob!

Power nap.

Typical Chinatown activity.

To be continued!

The Bangkok Photographers Group's result of this walk can be seen here:

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ray storey
ray storey
May 14, 2023

What a wonderful set of images...well done, KK. I particularly like the ones of food being cooked.

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