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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk - Rama 9

The start of the 101st Photowalk was on an overcast morning and the area was completely unknown to me.

New areas to be explored on foot are always welcome, but weather conditions are important as well.

And that day there was a drop in temperature, enough to make me regret not wearing a long-sleeved shirt...

We got close to some of the smaller Sois behind Rama 9.

These Chinese lanterns remain colorful.

In a Soi, there was a bit more activity.

At a small fresh market, these two were happy to pose for me.

And this man insisted that I took a shot of him and his dog...

But of course, I'm more of a cat person!

Even so, this feline didn't trust me at all!

A small Chinese shrine with interesting fish decoration.

Numbers and various house protection signs.

A Chinese symbol or an artistic Ganesha?

I like wall signs and lettering too.

Cool color composition and rainy reflections.

A tiny spirit house.

A slightly bigger one and a kind of selfie at the same time.

Protection against evil...

Chinese tea offering for the spirits.

Fragments like these look intriguing to me...

An eroded gate with flaking paint captured my eye.

Something similar here...

This one doesn't function anymore I guess ;-)

In Thai: Do not paste any posters/stickers, etc.

Was this the fly in my ointment? Light rain certainly made this walk difficult to enjoy...

On the footpath...

Maybe it was the cactuses' birthday?

Street vendors.

Inside a sweatshop.

Carabao fan club house?!

An old-school barber shop.

Back on Rama 9, I focused on contrasts.

No lack of reflections here!

Intriguing art sculpture.

Close up.

It resembles some kind of wave I thought.

Despite the shitty weather most participants continued the walk and the results you can see here:

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