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Bangkok Photographers Walk - Saphan Mai 1

Once again it was time for a non-group walk thanks to Covid but I had one group member joining me!

The Saphan Mai area is near Don Mueang Airport and scheduled for a complete 'overhaul', all houses, shacks, structures, etc. on both sides of Khlong Song will be removed, most of what you see here will be gone soon...

We were requested to shoot portraits of the locals as well and this boy was encouraged by his family to participate.

We started from BTS Saphan Mai station on Phahon Yothin Road.

Near the station are some decrepit buildings.

Such as this very old massage & karaoke joint.

One of the pretty ladies who supposedly worked there in a distant past.

A few flowers always make a good contrast!

Tying the knot?!

We left Phahon Yothin behind us, walked towards the Khlong and we met this old lady along the way.

Wherever I Lay (hang in this case) My Hat (That's My Home) is still a great song!

He'd noticed us earlier while cycling by and asked what we were doing.

His cat wasn't too pleased to have me taking this shot.

Flaking paint and rust...

Jar reflection.

The padlock looks stronger than the door.

Another photographer had noticed this as well.

And here is the same boy ready.

To be continued

thnther nthernthenthnotnAn

Here you can find the final group result:

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