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Bangkok Photographers Walk - Saphan Mai 2

We crossed the bridge and continued our walk along the khlong side.

It was very hot, no breeze whatsoever, but that provided opportunity for some nice reflection pics.

Portraits continued, this lady was in a good mood.

By now public phones like these are rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs...

Good morning!

Creative construction...

Some kind of seed pod?

Pretty decent bridge for pedestrians, bicycles, and motorbikes.

For unknown reasons I shot a lot of padlocks on this Photowalk!

Down by the Khlong side.

Inside a mom and pops store.

More than a few households had chickens.

Preparing a stove.


A smiling repair lady.

A huge jack fruit.

Chili ladies.

To be continued once more.

Here is the official journal:

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