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Bangkok Photographers Walk - Saphan Mai 3

And here's the third and final part of the walk!

Funny to see that some houses were already dismantled except for the toilets...

Flaking paint and rotting wood can be a great combination, for photos at least ;-)

He was sitting proudly in the middle of his shop.

This lady seemed quite pleased with her shop as well.

Construction workers in action.

Local cat blatantly ignoring a spirit house...

What are you looking at?!

Checking his mobile and happily ignoring me, perfect.

Relaxed attitude.

I took a few shots but he maintained this pose...

This old lady didn't mind being interrupted while cutting vegetables.

This family turned away from their tv program for my camera...

This must be a very cold and noisy job!

Preparing snacks.

That red satellite dish really stood out.

The motorbike parking place, a busy place.

A selfie was requested, here you go!

The final results are here:

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