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Bangkok's Nature Reserve

Benjakitti Park opened in 2004 on the Tobacco Authority of Thailand's land and consisted mainly of a huge rectangular lake with a few strips of nature on the sides, nice but not particularly outstanding.

Of course any attempt to make Bangkok more 'green' is welcome and my few walks there were kind of OKish.

In 2016 a formal decision was made to extend the park as the Tobacco Authority would move out completely.

When I dropped by a few years ago to have a look I was completely underwhelmed, the first new part consisted of a grid of straight lanes with grass and trees in between, incredibly boring...

But the latest developments looked much more intriguing and therefore I went there last Sunday.

Of course, social distancing signs are everywhere despite being outside in a natural environment.

View across the pond and the lake of the 'old' part.

The new additions aren't all finished yet.

The elevated walkway is an excellent way to go around the park.

Sky Walk map, most of the other signs I saw are Thai only though.

Bangkok's new wetlands, fantastic!

Walking on the ground is possible too.

It reminded me a bit of a labyrinth.

In a few more months it will be fully green and should be even more attractive.

Slow Lane, Pass Lane??

A full overview of the park, but only in Thai...

A path under construction.

The old elevated path on the side between Banjakitti and Lumphini Park.

This is going to be another entrance from the old elevated path.

Keep in mind that at this stage the new addition has only ONE entrance/exit, we wandered all around but all other exits were still closed.

No lack of monitor lizards here, but usually they're completely harmless.

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