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Bangkok Street Life

My walk (*) continued as I kept wandering through alleys and lanes towards the Democracy Monument.

Lottery ticket sellers near the 14 Oct. 1973 Memorial.

Lots of little sweatshops in those alleys.

They work hard but earn probably not much...

This lady was more than happy to let me take some shots.

A lottery ticket seller ('Tomorrow rich!') was taking a break.


Meow to you too!

Not a police dog and pretty friendly really!

That must be the famous Siamese Twins!

A mobile key maker unit...

Plus assorted things.

This fresh market feline wasn't particularly impressed by me...

This one was much shyer though.

A boxing match on that flatscreen attracted a lot of attention and plenty of money changed hands!

Offerings to Ganesha, obviously he has a sweet tooth.

Incense everywhere...

Another form of hard labor...

Democracy Monument scene.

Checking out lottery tickets.

At first, I thought there was going to be a protest as suddenly people started running, but it turned out to be a free food handout... The guy with the 'loudspeaker' was making a lot of effort in having people queuing up...

That was the end of my walk and time to catch a bus home...


And here is another shot of that friendly lady.

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