Becoming A Monk

Last Sunday I accompanied my wife to a special event, her friend's son was going to be ordained as a monk at Wat Noi Nai, Taling Chan, Bangkok.

This is still considered very important for most Thais as it is seen as a serious way of making merit, even if it's only for a few days.

We arrived late in the morning and while my wife automatically participated in whatever was required of her, I took the opportunity to start shooting.

As there was a whole video and photographer team already walking around nobody minded.

The Aof Af Band did a good (but loud!) job of playing ceremonial pieces as well as jazz-funk!

It's always quite a spectacle.

Crosslegged musicians...

Family members of all ages, friends and assorted well-wishers were all present.

Play those horns guys!

Whenever the music was uptempo, spontaneous dancing occurred.

There were a few things I hadn't seen before such as using newspapers covering people's laps.

Let there be rhythm!

Various attributes were opened, shown, and given to the monk to be.

These ceremonies take considerable time.

Thai version of the JB Horns...

A lot of the gifts have symbolic meaning.

On the other side of the room, this guy occasionally banged his gong, quite a sound!

Pieces of bamboo with 2 burning candles are passed around, also new to me.

Thai style wooden xylophone.

Blowing a typical Thai wind instrument.

The sacred cord goes around.

A classic Thai smile!

Writing with candle wax on the aspiring monk's head!

Religion and technology...

I guess there were about 150 people attending this ceremony.

Paying respect to the elderly.

Afterwards it was lunchtime with a lot of Chinese tables and plenty of food & drinks (incl. alcohol) being served.

The hero of the day.

The band provided the background music during lunch as well.

Dance till you drop.

I was informed that after lunch, at 3 PM, he was going to enter the monkhood officially.

The vdos clips give a good idea of the atmosphere.

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