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Bus To Beelzebub

I don't care much for traveling by bus, but can appreciate the way the buses here are pimped up!

Lots of them feature a theme regarding the style of decoration, e.g. flowers, animals, fish, comic characters, etc.

Recently I found 2 pretty ghoulish buses!

Although the front part was a little disappointing...

Ruangsilp - Never Die... (considering the relatively large number of bus accidents that's a bit awkward)

Nicely done!

This one was parked at my favorite bus place of which I posted before (*).

Using license plates as stair decoration, cool!

No lack of scary characters.

Paint job by The Bigg Air Brush...

Two fingers up, any meaning?

Hacker original - Nike - Old School (Would the painter just pick some words at random?)

Cowboy pirate zombie?

The driver's cabin, the traditional wooden fishing trap provides a nice contrast!


#photoblog #photography #Thailand #streetphotography #local #urbanexploration #buses #tourbuses #openthailandsafely

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