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It was time again to do some exploring downtown together with ‘Brompton’ Dave, this time in Khlong Toey and surrounding areas.

Cycling from my home to the nearest bus stop and folding it was a piece of (blueberry cheese) cake, but once on the bus I still feel a bit awkward.

On purpose I don’t travel during rush hour as my compact folded bike still takes up space in the narrow aisle and can hamper other passengers.

Via bus 516 and 47 I ended up at Khlong Toey market and a little later Dave joined me, our expedition could begin.

We cycled for a while alongside ancient railway tracks under an express way before entering Khlong Toey slum itself.

Here too ancient trucks can be found.

After a little while the paths got narrower and narrower, but locals were happy to point us in the right direction; a woodworkers section right on top of the tracks!

The people here use wooden pallets as their main source for putting furniture together, clever!

A little further was a harbor entrance with an serious railway crossing despite the fact that no trains can use the tracks anymore…

Nearby was the actual canal visible, again underneath the express way and very unhealthy looking, complete with slum buildings along its side.

Leaving the slums for the more fancy areas between Rama 4 and Sukhumvit offered a nice contrast, especially the hi-so motorshop stores stood out.

Although the idea of learning how to surf in Bangkok might sound strange, this particular place has been around for quite some time now!

Some attractive street art is always welcome and I was not disappointed this time.

Old shops that seem to have been around for decades are a nice feature and usually photogenic.

Afterwards back home looking at the map made me wonder if we had indulged in some mind altering substances…

It resembles a mess!

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