Cambodia: Dirt Tracks and Ancient Ruins

Early start, just after 6 AM the temperature was still cool and therefore we got on the road right away, towards Trapeang Prasat, a little under 40 km Eastwards.

Just an ordinary 2 lane B-road, but at least in good condition.

Other traffic consisted mainly of 'iron buffaloes', motorcycles, cars, speeding yellow minivans and the occasional 10+ wheeler truck...

After the first 10 km it was high time for a drink/breakfast stop at a roadside stall.

Rice soup with various unknown ingredients and a liberal dose of chili made for an excellent breakfast!

Paying the bill afterwards was as usual an experience as we didn't have much Cambodian Riel and had to make do with US dollars and/or Thai baht...

Onwards guys!

Arrived at Trapeang Prasat, this town too has a serious looking roundabout.

Despite no accommodation showing on Google Maps finding Sor Chomnan Guest House was dead easy.

After check in we decided to check out a nearby Khmer temple ruin; Trapeang Prasat itself!

After a short dirt track ride we stumbled on the ruins, this one was in very poor condition.

Walking around and through it you still could sense a bit of the large structure it must have been...

Obviously hardly any foreign tourists come here as there weren't any sign boards at all.

Seeing this kind of 'graffiti' was a bit of a surprise!

It was again a bit depressing to see that much rubbish everywhere...

To our surprise we found a second site just a minute cycling away!

This one was different as mainly large laterite stones were used for its construction and is probably seldom visited by foreigners as well.

Walking around temple ruins made us quite thirsty, so we went back to the town where I'd spotted a kind of coffee shop.

There we caused plenty of amusement for the local staff, however we were less impressed by the quality of the coffee despite the professional equipment used ;-)

After the coffee we had a walk through the town and its market, part of our daily explorations after all.

The way motorcycles are used (and abused) here I find fascinating and usually offer great photo taking opportunities!

The man above did his best to counter all the dust, but it didn't have much impact...

At the local bank they gave us a clear warning of what's not allowed to bring inside!

This photo was reluctantly taken by one of the bank's employees ;-)

High time for a refreshing beer (of course with ice!) afterwards!

Our final ride of the day across another dirt track...

Main entrance of a new temple, kind of impressive, unlike the temple itself.

Nice view; note the mountain range in the back, at the end of our trip we would have to go up that to the border crossing, something I wasn't looking forward to...

Another interesting use of motorcycle transport!

Dinner time, the grilled meat looked quite acceptable but turned out to be much less after tasting: more bones than meat....

Local evening life...., another good reason to opt for an early night!

MapMyRide's overview of the day again:

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