Canal Cycling

Every time I use the Khlong Saen Saeb Express I can’t help noticing the concrete walkways alongside in various stages; sometimes on both sides, other times on one side only or once and awhile completely absent.

Parked on top of one of the little 'bridges', every one needs bicycle carrying up & down several steps!

Similarly its use by the locals varies wildly, in most cases you’ll see people walking, cycling or motorbiking, but others have used as an extension of their houses/shacks, complete with potted plants, chairs and more.

Plenty of potted plants here.

This had been screaming for a cycling trip for a long time and finally yesterday I got myself with my folded bike on an old red number 2 bus on the way to Sukhumvit, got off at Soi 23 and started cycling towards Saen Saeb.

Very soon afterwards I found out that some bridges do not have underneath walkways access on both sides, which caused some confusion as Asoke is a busy road and I wasted a bit of time.

Some of the smaller bridges are weirdly 'decorated'.

At times I had to carry my Dahon across several ‘obstacles’, but overall it was an easy ride until I reached Soi Sawatdi as the concrete walkway suddenly disappeared.

From there I cruised along lots of lanes to Soi 39 and Thonglor before heading back to Saen Saeb.

Plenty of greenery to be found, nice!

A little later I found out that the missing part was actually very small and that I’d missed (on purpose I don’t use my mobile’s GPS much*) the path/dirt track around it was no surprise as it went past a semi garbage dump…

End of the walkway...

Cool street art but those blasted steps again...

This time I was on the right side of the Asoke bridge, cycled past Nana but further on I ran into the slum at the railway / Expressway and there it was the end of the trail, no choice but head for New Petchaburi Road.

Steps leading to the railway slum...

A guard (not visible), dogs, and chickens had made it clear that I couldn't continue therefore I walked the railway track towards New Petchburi Road.

The end of my trip was at the Pratunam boat station, had a noodle lunch there, folded my bike and boarded the express boat.

Tasty local lunch.

Waiting for the next boat to Phanfa.

(*) At times not that smart because if I had used it straight from the beginning I could have cycled from Soi 23 to the Prasan Mit Pier instead of mucking about at the Asoke bridge…

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