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Checking Out The Amulet Market

Recently I ended up wandering through more of Maha Rat Road's amulet market.

Despite not having any interest in buying any amulets, I do find them visually fascinating...

The market is relatively small (just 5 alleys, see the map at the bottom), but there's plenty to see!

A lot of Thai people however take this very seriously and are willing to spend good amounts of money for particular amulets.

Some of them are really nightmarish!

Other sights are just intriguing.

Plenty of cats here too!

Lots of statues, in various sizes and shapes.

Others, like the 'Wild Bunch' above, made me raise my eyebrows...

The local cats couldn't care less, they'll always find a place to sleep.

Just practical protection, no disrespect.

Coconut carvings...

A 4-armed female deity...

Something out of a freak show...

Tiny amulets with some gold leaf.

Where's my food, humans?!

Some of these look very old, but that's about it, finding real antiques is a different story altogether.

Monks come here too to look for specific amulets!

No lack of phalluses, also in all kinds of shapes and sizes...

Enjoying a late breakfast or early lunch.

Creepy indeed!

Kitschy and disturbing at the same time!

On the left are a bunch of small riverside restaurants serving excellent food!

The green parts are the main market, but there are a few more connecting walkways here and there.

There are a few shops on Maha Rat Rd selling amulets as well.

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