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Chinatown Coffee

Last Saturday I had a coffee meeting with an old friend and promised to find something new and/or different...

Typically one of those famous promises that could backfire spectacularly, but luckily nowadays coffee culture is widely spread in Bangkok.

A bit of Googling and I found a place called Chata in Chinatown, the photos looked pretty intriguing, but still...

Located on the grounds of a boutique hotel (*), just behind the main building, coffee is being served in a kind of semi-vintage greenhouse.

To imagine that when I started living here in the late 80s the only coffee available in most places was either instant or traditional (very sweet) Thai coffee...

The huge rectangular slab of wood as the main table with lots of candles was certainly eye-catching!

The name was scattered around but not in your face, refreshing!

Most important though, what about the coffee and service?

We both agreed that these were excellent, recommended!

But after 2 cappuccinos I wanted to go somewhere else and nearby we found The Reader, a much more basic outfit.

Brightly painted, unusual furniture, and lots of books, what more would one want?!

Well.., despite its attractive name all displayed books were sealed and for sale, the only readable part was the menu!

Even so, friendly service from an old lady and an excellent cup of Americano!

Sipping a good coffee, delicious. Photo: Leo

My days of 10 cups a day (thanks Mum!) are long gone, but I still appreciate a daily shot of caffeine!


I couldn't find anything about The Reader BKK on the Net, not even in Thai, sorry, but here is its address:

107 Phat Sai, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100

(*) Baan2459 Heritage Boutique Hotel

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