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Chocolate Anyone?

Like most of us I guess chocolate featured a lot in my childhood, whether as chocolate bars, milk, bonbons or anything in between, usually it was very sweet for sure.

Fast forward a good fifty years and all kinds of health issues affect old style eating habits, including sugar/sweets.

Since then I've started drinking my coffee/tea sugarless, but the occasional cake still manages to sneak in... Similarly dark chocolate is kind of OK.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see this shop somewhere along Tanao Road!

In this area all kinds of new places - hostels, coffeeshops, small restaurants, etc. - keep popping up but this was the first chocolate shop!

I tried to control my drooling and went inside, no choice really.

Paradai does take its business seriously as you can see!

Very seriously!

Their chocolate is really home made, the cocoa beans are grown by some farmers in Nakhon Si Thammarat, interesting recent development as in the past this was not cultivated anywhere in Thailand.

The delicious smells made me get a cup of hot chocolate...

With great difficulty I managed to resist buying their other products though...

Anyway, you better check it out yourself!

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