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Clash Of The Artists

Usually, many events happen in Bangkok which makes it (very!) easy to miss out on some.

Of course there are a lot of activities that don't interest me at all, but I was glad to be alerted by my friend Leo of the Art Battle Bangkok. (*)

Start of the Art Battle Bangkok!

This happened last Saturday with a mix of Thai and international artists.

The venue was an unknown hotel to me - The Fig Lobby Bangkok - just the outside looked already very cool! (**)

The concept is that each artist gets 20 minutes to finish his/her artwork, with 2 'battles' of 6 artists each.

Each 'battle' has 2 winners who will compete in the 3rd and final round, until 1 artist 'survives' as the winner!

Tools of the trade, white canvas, table, and a bucket of water.

Artists getting ready for a group photo, from left to right: Underhatdaddy, Thyme Eksiripong, Mehdi Fahraji, John Lapy, KULAY, Kolahon, and Irina Rezwan.

Artistic chair & staircase.

John Lapy, KULAY, Kolahon, Irina Rezwan, Jmons, and NNNatto.

A suitable funky bar.

West, Underhatdaddy, Thyme Eksiripong, Mehdi Fahraji, and John Lapy.

Part of the restaurant/bar in neon colors!

Artists and organizers.

Jmons in action.

Interesting Pop-Art urinals, but perhaps a bit sexist? Those mouths look very female to me...

Kolahon vs. Mehdi, Paerytopia back left.

Underhatdaddy vs. West.

The DJ played supposedly suitable LOUD background music, which made me realize once again that I'm a dinosaur!

West vs. Underhatdaddy.

KULAY vs. Jmons. vs. Thyme Eksiripong.

Irina Rezwan vs. John Lapy.

Paerytopia adding splashes of white.

John Lapy goes for spraying.

Thyme Eksiripong working on his dog, NNNatto in the back.

And the winner is .... (drum roll sound).

It's Mehdi Fahraji!

Mehdi finishing off his winning piece!

I thought it was a fun event that gave the audience a rare opportunity to see how these artists work!

The only issue I had was with the online voting system, whenever I'm being asked to log in again (& again), I give up, and can't be bothered anymore.

Oh, don't forget, the next Art Battle here is March 16 @ 7:00 pm!


4 kommentarer

Leo Schuur
Leo Schuur
12. feb.

Nice article Koen. Looking forward to the battle on 16 March!

12. feb.

Thanks Leo, so do I.


ray storey
ray storey
12. feb.

It looks colorful, and great fun, KK. I like your post very much.

12. feb.

Thanks Ray!

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