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Classic Truck

‘Isuzu started production and sale of the vehicles in Thailand from 1957, ahead of other competitors as the trusts in potential of Thai country and people’ according to their website.

I guess you could call the classic Isuzu TXD truck Thailand’s workhorse as it was (& still is) widely used (& abused), especially upcountry.

This one looked in surprisingly good condition!

There have been many versions driving around, from basic ‘Flintstone’ without doors + wooden seat to upgraded ‘Jetsons’ with doors + cushioned seats, but these days you see them less and less on the road…

The hood and tires looked well worn...

Its cushioned seat had seen better days, but the coolbox was right there and of course, nowadays a face mask is part of the interior as well.

His 'partner' looked pretty bad!

He probably was stuck behind a concrete truck that got a sudden diarrhea attack…

Like elephants the really old Isuzus eventually find a last resting place where they can quietly belch out black fumes a few more times before shuffling off the electric coil.

Back to nature, including cats!

May you Rust In Peace.

Fun fact, for the popular Topgear tv series an old Isuzu truck was used as well:

Artist's impression...

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