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Coffee and Junk

When I first arrived in Thailand (Dec. 1984), coffee shops didn't exist, it was either traditional Thai or Nescafe instant, only 5 star hotels offered a decent brew...

Since then much has changed, Thai people have turned to coffee with a vengeance and coffee shops are mushrooming everywhere, even in the most unlikely places!

My friend Steve was here on his yearly visit and during one of our traditional walking/wandering tours we'd ended up in Chinatown's Talad Noi area.

There I was seriously surprised to meet some Vietnamese ladies coming out of a very dark and gloomy storage room.

They claimed having had a nice cup of coffee inside!

My first impression inside wasn't very positive...

However on the left side were some stairs leading perhaps to a more coffee serving place.

And indeed it did!

The second floor offered a terrace and an inside shop.

Airconditioned, a few local clients and proper coffee!

Limited menu of which some items were already out of stock!

Not sure of the bike's purpose but it did a good job as decoration.

The old lady told me that they'd just opened 2 weeks ago!

My drink was ready: Espressonic Dark Calamansi!

Once outside again it became more obvious if one looks up...

And Steve found this neat wall mural a bit further on!

You can follow them here:

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