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Coffee & more in Chinatown

For those who got the impression from looking at my posts that not much is happening in Chinatown as most of my pics document crumbling neighborhoods...

Well, that's just one aspect of the area!

As usual, there's a lot more happening, therefore hereby some photos and info about a couple of funky eateries/coffee shops!

The first one is Yesterday's Tea Rooms, where - despite the name - we had coffee.

Vintage ambiance, very tastefully decorated.

The Beatles' Yesterday lyrics with 2 old cinema chairs.

The inside is surprisingly large.

Comfortable chairs and stools, whatever you prefer.

Excellent coffee as well, certainly worth going back to.

Hong Sieng Kong is a riverside restaurant with a lot of history.

The restaurant is part of a 6 building compound, all tastefully restored.

Besides food, from time to time visitors can expect live music, exhibitions, events, etc.

Lots of family antiques are on display in the restaurant.

Leaving the giant tree roots growing over walls makes the place look very attractive.

There's an air-conditioned fine dining area.

We just dropped by for coffee and placed our order in the 'lobby'.

More exclusive (& smaller!) is the 5-story Potong Restaurant (& Opium Bar).

The ground floor is dedicated to Kombucha, a fermented tea drink that is supposedly beneficial for one's health.

A real fascinating display of pots, jars, and glasses.

Sitting space is limited, therefore booking in advance is highly recommended.

Here too, no lack of antiques and excellent decorations.

During the day their rooftop bar looked a bit dreary, but it will be very different after sunset I'd guess.

Another relatively new riverside place is Cafe & Bistro 1608 which can be found on Google Maps as Naam 1608.

Cozy and small

Photo: Leo

Enjoying the river view.

Price-wise it runs from very decent (Yesterday's Tea Rooms) to seriously expensive in this order: Naam 1608, Hong Sieng Kong, and (steep!) Potong.

With the exception of Yesterday's Tea Rooms, all places are not that easily found and certainly not by car.

Take your time on foot for a visit and explore more of this area!

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