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Cold As Ice

Despite refrigerators being in the households of many people here, the sale of ice - in the shape of cubes and slabs - remains good business.

As written before (*) restaurants need to keep food products visible and cool.

Mom and Pops stores too usually have a huge cool box - besides refrigerators! - in front where they store their drinks.

Being able to sell cold drinks is important!

Trucks being loaded at one of the ice factories.

Those bags of ice are heavy, 25 kilo!

Delivery usually is by small trucks, pick-ups, motorcycles, and even boats as you will see in my photos.

Working as an ice delivery person doesn’t look great to me, working outside in the heat and carrying heavy (ice-cold!) loads on your shoulder, a great way to get sick...

After some time their shirts are completely soaked on the bag carrying shoulder side.

He seems quite happy though!

Most delivery guys don’t even bother to go inside their vehicles, but just sit or stand in the back until the next stop.

The delivery vehicles are spotted easily by the 'water trail' they leave behind.

Oops, there are some women involved as well, tough ladies!

There goes another bag of ice!

And here delivered, up to the next stop.

Old-style ice shop with a very noisy ice-crushing contraption, the narrow area behind it is usually filled with huge slabs of ice.

The owner was happy to pose for the photo.

A larger ice-crushing area.

Bigger equipment too!

Another bag filled...

Slabs of ice delivery at a shop!


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