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Conditions for using Relaxing area

After the first negative test results I was looking forward to this: You can go to the lobby for relaxing from 09.00 -06.00pm. (Please reserve before)

I called reception and booked the 09.00 AM slot for the next day, I like to start early after all.

This morning just before nine I checked with the reception just to be sure and yes I could go downstairs to the lobby!

With my face properly covered and a special badge (of good conduct?) hanging around my neck I left my room and walked through the corridor towards the lift as a (temporary) free man.

Once inside the lift I kept social distance which was easy as I was alone, but not sure whether being barefoot inside the lift is mandatory or not...

The lobby itself is really small, therefore I continued walking along the Test 2 green line...

The Red Zone..., intriguing, makes one wonder!

And there at the end I had reached my destination, the highly anticipated Relaxing area!

This was a profound and deeply moving moment in my life as you can guess...

Although to be really honest I'd expected a tiny bit more...

With great effort I managed to control myself not to try out each chair, not easy!

Instead I embarked on a epic walkabout while pondering the meaning of life and speculating when I would be able to enjoy a beer again.

To keep track of my spiritual journey I switched on the MapMyWalk app and afterwards felt highly pleased with the results.

Despite being completely alone I still had to wear a face mask of course!

I love this badge!

Rules and regulations!

The Red Zone?

PS. I checked the 'Booking sheet for relaxing' which I had to sign, at present there are only 4 other asq guests...

A guard paid me a visit to take a photo of me so I chatted (from a distance!) a bit with him, he told me there are about 150 'normal' guests, not bad actually considering the circumstances!

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