Coronation Preparations Observations

Last Sunday I was on the way to visit a friend in Banglumpoo and stumbled on to the dress rehearsal for the upcoming coronation.

The coronation ceremony of H.M. King Maha Vajiralongkorn takes place from 4th - 6th May at the Grand Palace and looks like it’s going to be a massive affair.

When I arrived at Panfa and walked towards the Democracy Monument I found the whole area sealed off with lots of ceremonial guards, police and yellow vested volunteers preparing their parts.

At first I managed to continue walking along the side but started hitting police barriers at the Dinso - Phra Sumen intersection.

I tried sneaking through some back alleys I remembered from backpacker days gone by but was forced to admit defeat just before Tanao Road.

At some parts I took photos but here the officials made it very clear that I better refrained from any more shooting…

Although plenty of information about the dress rehearsal and its resulting closing off the area were given way in advance it still frustrated some tourists, especially those who had just arrived and were stuck with their luggage!

Luckily after half an hour or so, we were given a few minutes to cross Tanao Road and continue into Banglumpoo.

Yesterday I was on Ratchadamnoen Avenue and was impressed with all the flower decorations being put up everywhere!

BTW, real flowers, no plastic!

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