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Countryside Cycling

Once the sun starts shining spring becomes much more attractive, with or without corona.

Therefore I grabbed my brother's bike and went for a ride partly across a track along Tienhovensche Kanaal (canal) and Plassen (lake).

Basically just a short walking/cycling path it goes straight through the grass lands.

There are only a few old farms at the beginning and end.

Peace and quiet are the key words here.

Occasionally I saw some ducks and swans pottering about, but they weren't too keen on having their photo taken.

Halfway there's a wooden bench where you can take a break and admire the view.

These yellow flowers - according to my sister 'Koolzaad' (Rapeseed) - were abundant.

Pretty but without any smell...

More wetlands on the left side of the path.

With the 'Trouwe Wachter' historical windmill in the back!

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